Cromwell Bottom Works Plan – provisional

Cromwell Bottom Works Plan – June/July/August – provisional
Key Area Task Detail Priority Comments Delivery
Tag Loop Balsam Removal On-going H Target Tag Cut initially CBWG/ Lloyds
Rotary/ CMBC
Tag Loop Bench installation July/ August M Through work party. Funding through CMBC. CBWG/ CMBC
Tag Loop Meadow management Aug/ Sept H Through contractor and BCS pedestrian mower CBWG/ CMBC
Tag Loop Botanical survey June M Additional monitoring/mapping of round-leaved wintergreen and yellow bird’s-nest and RDB invertebrates CBWG/ FEET/ HSS
Tag Cut Dam enhancement June M Raise water level to facilitate syphon into pond – design for scheme plus assess biological impact CBWG/ FEET/ CMBC
Brookfoot/ Lagoon Dismantling of screen June M Discuss options for replacement CBWG/ CMBC
Brookfoot/ Willow Carr Brashing informal access points June/ July H Restrict public and dogs from sensitive areas. CBWG
Site Dog control; education and enforcement July/ Aug H Programmed approach to education of owners. CMBC
Site Re-surfacing of site entrances July/ Aug M Import appropriate materials. CMBC funding. CMBC
Site Delivery of Woodland Plan for consultation. June (end) H To drive winter works programme CMBC
Site Fencing of open day area May H For June 21st CBWG
Site Strimming of open day area May H For June 21st CBWG
Site Open Day June H As per Open Day management plan CBWG

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